Reach Your Nursing Dream in Germany

Don’t choose any recruitment agency, choose a partner who truly cares for people, supports you, your career success, and helps you to make a home even far away from home.

Want to work as a nurse in Germany, caring for the elderly?

Direct employment, collective labor agreement,

6 weeks of annual vacation!

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Fr 2022-01-21, 5:30 PM
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Every Nation Care, Adam-Klein-Str. 25, 90429 Nuremberg, Germany
Certified Care
You will be directly employed by our regional partner, a certified regional caregiver who employs almost 6,000 people as a social welfare organization!
”We strive to empower and help everyone with utmost care and professionalism."
Harald Konschewitz

All-In Service

We make sure to accompany you every step of your way to Germany!

From orientation to language training, exams, cultural orientation, POEA requirements, Visa appointment, flight to and housing in Germany, further training, spiritual support, and to integrate you to a new community until Germany truly becomes your new home.

We care about people

Our mission is to make people feel at home, grow professionally, in their personality, spiritually, and pass on what they have received to their community.

We value long term relationships
We value long term relationships

We and our partner provide German cultural and clinical skills training so that you are prepared for success.
We want to stay in touch with you and help you navigate the challenges in your new home even long after you have started your successful career in Germany.

Why Choose Every Nation Care?

We truly care for people. We are here for you before, during, and after your training and arrival in Germany.

We offer training, exams, and placement fees - the full package at a fair price.

You will be hired directly by a very solid regional employer, no agency will receive a cut from your salary each month. We want to make sure that Germany quickly becomes your home and you are well integrated in your new community.
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Next orientation:
Fr 2022-01-21, 5:30 PM
Mi 2022-02-16, 5:30 PM
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